On-line June 24, 2021, 7 p.m. - 11 p.m.

How to stay competitive in a world of data and algorithms

Learn how to stay competitive in an environment where data and algorithms will make the big difference.

Marco Lauria
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What will you learn:

Analytical evolution: Big Data + Artificial Intelligence;
How to Choose a Project for Artificial Intelligence;
Workflow of an Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning project;
Building a team for an AI project;
Setting up a cross-functional team with Business specialists.


1) Analytical evolution: Big Data + Artificial Intelligence:
How to Extract Value from Your Data
- Data: why are they so valuable?
- Analytical Evolution: Business Intelligence, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence
- What is a Database? Queries?
- Local systems (on premises), in the cloud (cloud) and hybrids
- Importance of a Data Governance policy
What is ETL and MDM
- Explanation of the main concepts involved:
Data Warehouse
Structured and unstructured data
MPP - Massive Parallel Processing and Appliances
big data
Data Lakes
Modern DW Environment

2) Artificial Intelligence for everyone (part 1)
Understanding Artificial Intelligence
- What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
- What are Neural Networks and Deep Learning
- Types of Learning and their applications:
Supervised Learning
UNSupervised Learning
Transfer Learning
Feedback Learning
GAN - Opponent Generative Networks
Knowledge Graph
- Top AI use cases
- Recommendation Algorithms
- RPA - Process Automation with robots
- Chatbots
- Computer vision
- NLP - Natural Language Processing
The Universe of AI and Related Technologies
Scope of AI and Impacts on Society

3) How to access these technologies
- Top AI API providers
IBM Watson
Microsoft Azure
Amazon AWS
- Price Structure
- Main Services Available (Demonstration of these Services)
- Eyesight
Image and Video Recognition
- Language Services
Voice to text and text to voice, translation
NLP - Understanding Natural Language for building chatbots
- Advanced search and search
- Personalized Recommendations
- Demand Forecast
- Fraud Prevention

4) Artificial Intelligence for everyone (part 2)
Building AI Projects and Incorporating AI into your company
- Assessment of the degree of maturity in data use: Analytics and AI
- Steps of an AI project with Machine Learning
- How to Choose a Project for Artificial Intelligence:
What AI can do and what has business value
Perform Technical and Business Diligence:
Is it possible to achieve the intended objectives? We have the data What is the schedule?
What is the cost of the project and the expected return? ROI analysis.
Establish success criteria and delivery schedule.
Prioritizing possible projects: business value matrix and technical feasibility / effort required
- Necessary resources
We have the data necessary to achieve the required accuracy
Possibility to acquire data


- Roles of an AI team
Own resources and External resources
Possibility of subcontracting resources or services
Hackatons and Garages
Incorporating AI into your company
- AI Transformation Playbook
Run Pilot Projects
Assemble a team to work with AI
Provide comprehensive AI training
Develop an AI strategy
Work internal and external communication
- Avoiding the pitfalls. What to do and what NOT to do

About the Instructor

Marco Lauria

Marco Lauria

A.I. Advisor @ I2AI