On-line March 24, 2021, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

General Data Protection Law

Everything you need to adhere to the law and keep innovating

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What will you learn:

Introduction and Legal Aspects (LGPD and GDPR)
Understanding the aspects and characteristics of each legislation
What are Personal Data and Sensitive Data
What are the concepts of consent, revocation, deletion and data portability
Special aspects for Personal Data of Children and Adolescents
LGPD law practices and applications
Who applies to LGPD and when does not apply to LGPD
LGPD Articles x Standards and Agency Determinations
History, Comparison and Applicability of LGPD and GDPR standards
National Data Protection Authority
Consequences for non-compliance with the law
Sanctions and civil liability of agents and agents
Implementing LGPD in your company
Anonymization and Pseudonymization in practice
The role of the Data Controller
Damage mitigation methods and procedures
Technical challenges to be overcome (Ex: how to exclude a specific data in the backup)
Methodology for Adequacy to LGPD by I2AI


Immerse yourself in LGPD in this eightr-hour course to learn everything about the law, its applications and how to implement it in your company
- MODULE I: Introduction and Legal Aspects (LGPD and GDPR)
- MODULE II: Law practices and applications
- MODULE III: Implementing LGPD in your company

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