Publicado em June 5, 2020

R&D and Artificial Intelligence: a great leap for humanity

The impact of the launch of SpaceX and its relationship with R&D and AI

“A great leap for humanity” To paraphrase Neil Armstrong, this last Saturday (May 30) was special: the first rocket launch, developed by a private company, to the space station! And with the spacecraft, a lot of technology besides the two astronauts was sent to the galaxy: from materials, artificial intelligence, automation, through procedures, design etc.

For any and all developments of this magnitude to occur, it is necessary: ​​a lot, but a lot of research and development, money and above all will.

For anyone who has had the opportunity to read about the founder of SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity, Elon Musk, you know how he is an accomplished micromanager - he even sleeps on the factory floor on his assembly lines - voracious R&D investor and above all , focused on efficiency.

 He could also, Mr. Musk, has as one of his great goals in life, taking man to Mars. And for this to happen, in fact, still on its legacy, it is essential to run investments in research and development.

To give you an idea, for the launch of last Saturday, SpaceX carried out more than 1,500 landing tests, with machine learning algorithms, until it conquered the feat of landing a rocket, return, on Earth.

The subject of R&D has always been an object of encouragement by the I2AI - International Association of Artificial Intelligence, this for being sure that the path of innovation leadership is directly linked to investment in this sector. At its next event, III Artificial Intelligence Symposium held in partnership with USP, will dedicate a panel for frontier research on Artificial Intelligence, with the participation of professors: Junio ​​Barrera (USP), Anderson Soares (UFG), Eduardo Fermê ( Univ. De Madeira) and Fabio Gandour (COESA).

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